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Knowing where to start when planning your wedding can be overwhelming and it is easy to forget about certain tasks. Planning your wedding can be made easier by using wedding planning software which includes the following:
Online software

Online or web application software can be a great wedding planning tool for the modern day bride and groom. Online wedding planning software includes tools such as a comprehensive task list with a timeline, budget planner, appointment and suppliers diary (with the function to email yourself appointment reminders), seating planner and invitation manager. Many online wedding planners allow for multiple users so that the bride and groom can assign members of the wedding party access to their planner where they can write notes and share ideas with other users – particularly useful when parents or attendants are fulfilling certain tasks.

Web application software allows the user to log into their account wherever they are and usually has  multi-platform access such as tablet computers such as the iPad and smart phones. This means you will never lose your planner and can use any computer to access it. Web application software is often free, or at least the basic services are. Web application software often allows  its users to download and print sections of the planner such as the seating plan or budget. Web application software makes it easy for the bride and groom to plan their wedding together and set and create tasks.
Downloadable software

Downloadable wedding planning software can have many of the tools that the web application software has but its main disadvantage is that once you have downloaded it onto your computer you will only be able to access it from there. Downloadable software does not normally allow for multiple user access making it less interactive and functional than web application software. Downloadable software is also not usually free.
Alternative wedding planning tools

Wedding planning task lists and ideas can be found in wedding magazines. Often the magazines will include a planner booklet with room to write notes. However, not only can wedding magazines be pricey, but there recreational paper format means that they can be easily lost and damaged. Magazine planning articles and check lists are not as comprehensible as web application and downloadable software.

For those with little time to plan their wedding, a Wedding Planner can be hired. Wedding Planners often use versions of wedding planning web application software to plan their clients weddings particularly as they can assign them access. The interactive nature of web application software means that the Wedding Planners of today can easily share ideas, write notes and arrange meetings with their clients. Wedding Planners vary in price and services.

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